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28 Jul 2021
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Best restaurants in the world, according to reviewers

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These best restaurants in the world have been rated by travellers across the globe on the review website Tripadvisor.

Best fine dining restaurants based by reviewers on TripAdvisor. Picture: Instagram @la_maison_da_cote

Restaurant reviews can either make or break your business but for these best restaurants in the world, the happy customers have left plenty of positive notes for travellers across the globe to try them out.

Globe travel review agency, Tripadvisor, released their Best Fine Dining Restaurants in the World awards. The list is calculated based on the quality and quantity of traveller reviews and ratings for restaurants on the Tripadvisor website from 1 January 2020, to 30 April 2021.

The best restaurants in the world also include travellers’ overall experience during the pandemic. The list compromises of the top 25 restaurants in the world, in locations such as Mexico, Japan, United States, France, Spain, Brazil and New Zealand.

We picked the top three which had the highest reviews.

Top three best restaurants in the world

1. The Old Stamp House Restaurant

Currently, with over 1,300 reviews, The Old Stamp House Restaurant in Ambleside, United Kingdom, has been rated five stars consistently. It makes sense why, as it was awarded a Michelin star in October 2019. It is lead by head chef, Ryan Blackburn, and has held the best restaurant in the world tag for a couple of years.

It is inspired by the local fresh produce of the ports in Whitehaven and Maryport including various imported spices, sugar, molasses and rum, delivering high-quality food.

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One reviewer said: “Was lucky to spend out first night (of two) in Ambleside at this memorable restaurant. I cannot fault the quality of the produce, creativity of the menu and humbleness of the staff. I savoured every mouthful, so much so that conversation was halted. Even the other customers were lovely – as we conversed with each other about the experience we were all having.”

2. Restaurant La Maison d’à Côté

French cuisine is world-renowned, and it’s no different for Restaurant La Maison d’à Côté in France. Awarded two Michelin stars, it has been praised for its simplicity, packed with flavour and jaw-dropping plating.

Head chef Christophe Hay has honoured Loire’s native products and the people who produce them, offering culturally rich and intentional simplicity in an atmosphere that’s decisively modern.

A reviewer in Belgium said: “This restaurant is truly a unique place and experience. Starting from its decor to finishing with the food, all is elevated to the artistic form of expression. Food is masterfully plated, scrumptious and imaginative.”

3. Ise Suyoshi

This traditional cuisine kaiseki restaurant in Roppongi, Japan, has gained a niche following by enthusiastic foodies obsessed with Asian culture. Japan has many best restaurants in the world and with France, they have been awarded the most Michelin stars.

Kaiseki or kaiseki-ryōri is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. According to CNN, it also refers to the collection of skills and techniques that chefs strive for in attention to detail. It’s reportedly a very expensive meal to eat, as it was originally presented to the royal noble classes in the past. A kaiseki meal today could easily hit into the thousands of rands in South Africa.

Keir T praised the chef in their review:

“This was the most incredible kaiseki evening. Tanaka-san is warm, friendly and personable, and goes out of his way to make you feel at home. He explains each part of the many courses, and even uses a picture book to help illustrate where he sources the ingredients from.”

Compiled by Sandisiwe Mbhele