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Adriaan Roets
1 minute read
9 Aug 2015
2:03 pm

The five worst drinks from Oppikoppi 21

Adriaan Roets

If you've been to the dustbowl, you will be familiar with hodge podge drinks mixed together in discarded plastic bottles.

Festival goers at the 2015 OppiKoppi festival held in Northam, Limpopo, over the weekend on August 8 2015. Picture: Zelmarie Goosen

We tasted the five worst drinks, and asked their creators to name their mixtures…

1) Bean there
Wortel Adams mixes passion fruit cordial, vanilla vodka, water, sparkling wine and coke. If you’re in a medical emergency and need to induce vomiting, this concoction is the ticket. Unless you’re the drink’s inventor Adams, who calls it a desert appetif and kept taking sips from is bottle of “nectar”.

2) Mr Clean
Darren du Toit mixes brandy, Tab and Red Bull. He said he only added the Red Bull because it was the lost cooled mix ge had in his cooler box and he hoped it would cool down his brandy and Tab mixture

3) Poontang
A reveler who was uncomfortable with his name mentioned sipped on Po10C and tonic water in the Limpopo sun.

4) Ou Ho
Martin Xaba says a easy bottle of booze to mix at the campsite is Oros and vodka.

5) Gemmer slet
Daan du Toit swears by beer and raspberry flavoured cool drink as his go-to drink to get a buzz.