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3 Jan 2022
12:22 pm

Six detox tips to help you reach your weight-loss goals in 2022

Renate Engelbrecht

Here are some ideas and how-tos to cleanse your body, mind and soul as you enter the new year.

Seven-day detox tips for 2022. Image: iStock

Whether you’re looking to do a quick detox after the inevitable overindulging of the festive season, or whether you’re looking to clear your mind and soul from any negative thoughts and beliefs that might keep you from reaching your goals this year, here are a few ideas on how to detox and cleanse over the next few days.

Shop for a clean, detox diet

Clean eating is an easy and manageable way to get back into a healthy diet that is sustainable and maintainable.

You don’t even have to stick to only seven days, but can keep at it for as long as you like. You’d be amazed at how much better you’ll feel after a few days of clean eating. You will find various clean eating shopping lists on Pinterest, which you can use for your weekly grocery shopping, starting today.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We all know that drinking enough water every day helps cleanse your body from impurities.

It will also help you to think more clearly as you keep your mind and body hydrated, allowing for bodily functions to work optimally. Therefore, as you embark on your cleansing journey, remember to include at least eight glasses of water in your daily diet.

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Drink enough water during your detox
Drink enough water during your detox. Image: iStock

Go on a sugar detox

With the festive season behind us, many of us might have indulged in more sugar than we should have. Therefore, going sugarless for seven days might just be what you need to balance your body’s pH again.

Ways in which you can easily omit sugar from your diet, include swapping soda for water, increasing your intake of healthy fats like avocados and nuts, taking glutamine supplements for when those sugar cravings kick in, replacing desserts and sweets with fresh fruit (frozen blueberries are an absolute treat), eating enough protein which might result in less sugar cravings as the day progresses, eating more complex carbs, choosing healthier snacks like celery sticks with nut butter, gluten-free crackers with salmon and more.

Manage your stress

Stress is a trigger for cravings, which is why it is of utmost importance to manage your stress levels when you embark on a cleansing journey.

It also depletes your body of important nutrients. One way in which you can reduce your stress levels, is by exercising. Natural, daily movement like walks outside, opting for stairs rather than the elevator, or a few gym sessions per week will definitely kick-start your metabolism and keep those cravings at bay.

Walks in nature will help manage stress and cravings during your detox
Walks in nature will help manage stress and cravings during your detox. Image: iStock

Sleep enough during and after your detox

You might be amped for the new year, but that doesn’t mean you should work until midnight every night. In fact, going to bed earlier and getting the sleep you need will help you cleanse body, mind and soul much quicker and you will wake up revived and ready for the day.

According to the 7-day Vegetables and Brown Rice plan is ideal for those suffering from anxiety – something many of us may be facing at the verge of a new, yet unpredictable year. In the plan, Sandra Glavan who is a life coach for gentle anxiety sufferers, suggests that you eat the following (as much as you like) for seven days:

Detox with vegetables and rice

  • High-fibre veggies optimises the detox process. Glavan says squash vegetables are ideal as they are both filling and full of fibre.
  • And, organic, short grain brown rice is what Glavan suggests for this 7-day detox.

Glavan says the vegetables and rice can be steamed or boiled and you can even blend it if you like. During the detox, salt should be avoided, as it retains water and toxins in the body.

In addition to the 7-day veggie and rice diet, Glavan also suggests an Epsom salt bath on day three and day seven, sipping on a litre of tea through the day for the seven days (that is in addition to a litre of water) and trying to go to sleep at 22:00 and waking up at 06:00.

There are numerous detox and clean eating recipes on the internet and coupling these with the above could just be what you need to kick-start 2022. Happy cleansing!