Letshego Zulu
3 minute read
24 Dec 2019
3:01 pm

Take the time to understand your body

Letshego Zulu

A healthy and active lifestyle tailored to you plays a major role.

PopUpGym founders Khethiwe Mlangeni and Letshego Zulu. Picture: Supplied

I am constantly talking about how different our bodies are, yet many people still copy and paste their friends’ diets or exercise programmes and are disappointed when they don’t have the same results. We are all individuals and our genetic make-up is most certainly different and unique. I have always been curious about genetics and how our bodies are modelled. The curiosity stems from a variety of conversations I’ve had with people over the years. Many believe that our body types cannot be modelled by diet and exercise but are rather determined by genes. Being physically active since the age...