Letshego Zulu
3 minute read
10 Feb 2020
3:31 pm

Get fit together and pump up the passion with partner exercises

Letshego Zulu

Have fun and bond with your partner as you both reach your targets with each other's help.

Young couple exercising. Image for illustrative purposes | Picture: iStock

Following on last week’s article about training with a partner, let’s explore that theme further, especially since we are going into Valentine’s week. Now that the novelty of New Years’ resolutions is fading day by day, for people who aren’t regulars, it might start to take a lot more effort to keep up the initial exercise routine that was started in January. The best thing to arm yourself with is a training buddy, whether it is your significant other, a friend or even your kids. Whoever you choose will become your accountability partner, there to hold your hand through this...