Letshego Zulu
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30 Nov 2020
10:35 am

Handful of fun ways to burn calories

Letshego Zulu

Games: Unconventional workouts

Cropped portrait of cheerful little girl playing football with her family in the park on a sunny day. She is having fun while passing the ball. Family, kids and nature concept. Horizontal shot. Image: iStock

Some people don’t find exercises such as pushups, lunges and squats fun at all. If you are that person, this article is for you. There are plenty of activities that we can do (for fun) and they are also considered as a form of exercise. One or two may be regarded as “unconventional”. but they do work even if they are not standard exercise routines. Trampolining This has been around for decades. Whether it’s the big trampoline in your backyard or a small one used indoors for exercise. Now, trampolining has been expanded into a fun family activity. Places like...