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15 Jan 2021
12:51 pm

This cheeky sex ad will shake up your Friday

Kaunda Selisho

The suggestion was a play on an age-old joke, which alleges that sexually repressed housewives often sit on their washing machines during the spin cycle.

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Please note: the following article contains some adult material. 

South African-based online sex toy store Hunny Bunn ZA has given fans a good chuckle earlier this week when they posted some late-night, tongue-in-cheek masturbation advice on social media.

The suggestion was a play on an age-old joke which alleges that sexually repressed housewives often sit on their washing machines during the spin cycle in pursuit of some much-needed stimulation and relief.

While it remains unclear where exactly this idea comes from, many have wondered if there are really people who do this.

Men’s Health attributes the practice to women resorting to whatever they may have access to when in pursuit of relief – household items such as detachable shower heads, stuffed animals, furniture, and even an electric toothbrush.

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Eight years ago, Reddit user ThrowAway2812726 posted “NSFW: Do girls really masturbate on top of washing machines? My wife is trying to convince me it’s common, but I think she’s full of sh**.”

“I have never done this. I have also never seen a washing machine that vibrates enough to get me off, or to even be slightly interesting. Not to mention I would have to somehow get my clit on the washing machine for it to be used as a vibrator, which would be more like humping the washing machine than masturbating on top of it. I just… don’t see the appeal. This is what my drawer full of toys is for. Maybe I just haven’t met the right machine yet,” responded imthethimble.

“Can’t say I’ve tried it. Do have a front loader, though. I wonder if that would make any difference in how it felt,” added ragabush.

“No. Might have been true in the 50s but now that we have Ann Summers on the highstreet we are better equipped!” commented coconicole.

While Hunny Bunn’s followers would not confirm or deny having indulged in the practice, they did have a good laugh and express their disbelief at the suggestion.

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