Letshego Zulu
3 minute read
25 Jan 2021
3:27 pm

Planning a detox? Read this first

Letshego Zulu

Intake of water and fluids one of simplest, most effective ways to detox after festive binge eating.

How to detox properly Picture:iStock

With many of us gradually getting back to our daily routine from the festive season, it only makes sense to also start with detoxing the body from all those toxic substances or rather not-so-healthy food you indulged in during the festive season. Cleansing isn’t about depriving your body of food or nutrients – instead, it is a chance to retrain your appetite to acquire a taste for whole foods in their natural state. I strongly believe eating wholesome, healthy foods in order to bring your body to a basic state will balance your body in a way that will be...