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23 Feb 2021
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How to get killer legs with three easy at home work-outs

Thami Kwazi

Boity ThuloLalla Hirayama, Somizi Mhlongo, are some of Mzansi’s celebrities with the best legs in the game. Although their physics may seem unattainable, we give you professional advice on how to build great legs in three easy steps.

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Build your dream body in the comfort of your own home without worrying about prying eyes or waiting in queues for hours. Eduan Viljoen is the founder and head coach at Crossfit Cyprium, located in Randburg Johannesburg is an expert in the fitness world. He speaks to The Citizen about the three basic work-outs to get killer legs at home.

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Try this routine :

Split squats:


Split Squat Step By Step. Image: iStock

By putting one leg in front of the other, the split squat works the quads, glutes and hamstrings of the front leg while stretching the quad and hip flexors of the back leg. Elevate your back leg onto a chair or couch and you will increase the range of movement and increase the difficulty.

Reverse lunges:

Reverse lunge: iStock

Stand with feet hip-width apart, then step backward with your right leg until your knees are at 90-degree angles -your right knee should be pointing towards the ground, your right knee should be in line with your toes. Push yourself forward to the start position and repeat with your left leg.To increase the difficulty of this exercise either hold a weighted object (small child or bag filled with water bottles)or add a jump to the movement.

Tempo squat:

Isolated squats: Image: iStock

The tempo squat is a great way to work on technique and also increase time under tension, an effective tempo to use is the 42 x 0 tempo, lower yourself into the squat for 4 seconds, pause at the bottom for 2 seconds, explode up and then immediately begin your next rep.Increase the difficulty of this movement by adding weight.

The recommended amount of exercise a week is
Eduan advises that the general rule is three times per week for at least 30-45mins. A common misconception is thinking it makes sense to eat healthy foods and drink water three out of seven days a week and expect results. But this isn’t the case.
“Everyone can make time to get some form of training in daily whether it is a run around the block or a decent workout at a fitness facility.” Being healthy and looking good is all about creating habits that serve a purpose. Exercise should be a habit that you do multiple times a week.

Expanding on the importance of CrossFit
Eduan says: “CrossFit is the ultimate form of exercise in my opinion if done right. CrossFit works the whole body and challenges you every day”. The workouts are never the same, the intensity is higher than your usual trip to a conventional gym. “The majority of people have a misconception about it. Don’t judge a book by its cover or based on what someone else had to say (they probably never even tried it themselves). Google CrossFit in your area and pop in and enquire.” He concludes that CrossFit isn’t a quick fix; the world today is riddled with “easy solutions”.  It takes time, but it does work.

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