Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
22 Apr 2021
2:27 pm

Sex workout? Exercises that will give you a longer innings

Hein Kaiser

Love may be a contact sport, but sex does not burn as many calories as a session on a treadmill.


On average, they say that we spend between 20 and 24 minutes in passionate sexercise and, according to one study, it burns just over 100 calories in men and less than 70 in women.

Meanwhile, half an hour of light running on a treadmill demands more than 260 calories among males with women clocking in at slightly fewer, 213 calories. So, to shed more calories, either up playtime with your bedmate or head to the gym. Better yet, find the best of both worlds.

“There are some great workouts that you can do at home or at the gym to build endurance,” says personal trainer Alex Komo who practices at Planet Fitness Brakpan. So, you can hack your sex life, burn more calories while you are at it as well as develop the muscle tone where it matters most.

“The arms, torso, shoulders and legs play an important role in endurance,” adds Komo.

In addition, sticking to a 30- to 45-minute regime, two to three times a week, will deliver great wellness benefits. Here are a few sex-enhancing and wellness exercise tips.

The Plank starts in a push-up position. Drop to your elbows, ground your toes and your feet should be less than shoulder-width apart from one another.

“Your core should be tight as you wouldn’t want your lower back sagging. Roll your shoulders up and down and keep your head and neck in a straight line,” says Komo.

[WATCH] Personal trainer Alex Komo shares some exercises that don’t just burn calories, but also get your body into shape for better sex with your bedmate.

The Bridge helps you work your pelvic floor while at the same time creating positive tension on your hamstrings.

“Lie on your back, palms and arms to the floor, and raise your pelvis off the ground in a thrusting movement,” shares Komo.

Pelvic Pumps strengthen pelvic muscles. These use the same muscles as during urination, so make sure you identify them, contract and relax them several times. Pushups are a great way to work up a sweat and build endurance in your upper body.

To exercise your buttocks, groin and hips, try the Pigeon. It is a stretching exercise so rather avoid iit if you are not flexible enough to pull it off safely. Begin in a seated position on the floor, arms and palms downward. Bring your right knee forward, and rest it behind your hands.

Now, bring your right foot up and to the left, parking your ankle near your left hip. Then straighten your left leg and let it slide behind you and point your toes. Lower yourself gently, bend your elbows and let your upper body face towards the floor. Your pelvis should face the floor too, as much as possible, but do not unnecessarily strain yourself.

sex workout

Jump squats are one of the many exercises you can do to pump up for sexy. Picture: Hein Kaiser

Jump squats add some spring in your step, up your heart rate and get your body ready for some marathon sessions between the sheets.

“Remember to always warm up your body before exercise,” says Komo. “It is advisable to work out in the company of professionals. It is easy to damage oneself unintentionally.”

Sex is not a workout, but a good exercise regime can lead to better sex.