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26 Jun 2021
12:23 pm

Covid-19: Here’s how to treat yourself at home

Citizen Reporter

There are precautions to take when choosing the home-treatment route.

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The majority of people who contract Covid-19 experience mild symptoms which can easily be treated at home.

It’s vital to self-isolate at home as hospitals – especially in Gauteng – are currently under strain and unable to deal with the influx of new patients.

There are, however, precautions to take when choosing the home-treatment route. You will need to stay in a single, separate room away from other members in the household as much as you can.

Ideally, chose a room with a separate bathroom and ensure that your loved ones wear masks when they enter your room. Furthermore, they should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.

Creating an emergency list of contacts and a plan to communicate with your family, friends and colleagues should take priority as well.

Your diet will need to be adjusted as what you eat and drink can affect your body’s ability to prevent, fight and recover from Covid-19.

Use salt sparingly and avoid sweets, cookies, cakes and chocolate. Opt for fresh fruits instead and avoid alcohol as it offers no protection against infection. It’s crucial to stay hydrated, especially if you have a high fever.

On your list of critical supplies should be Vitamin C to boost immune cell activity, and pain killers to decrease headaches and aches.

You should also stock up on cough medicine. It’s not effective against the infection but will soothe a sore throat, as will honey or cough drops containing honey.

Supplies you may need while treating yourself at home include cleaning products – gloves, soap, sanitiser, a mop and sponges.

While hard surfaces can be disinfected, clothing items, sheets and towels must be stored separately and laundered on a hot cycle before you can use it again.

Remember, you will contaminate all services while you are sick – including clothing items – so make sure you have extra garments around.

Lastly, don’t forget your first-aid kit. With the influx of new infections straining healthcare resources, it is vital to have supplies on hand to treat minor injuries at home.

Graphic explaining how to treat Covid-19 at home.

Graphic by Costa Makola