Renate Engelbrecht
Content producer
3 minute read
8 Sep 2021
12:43 pm

How Suidooster’s Eden Classens got abs in one month

Renate Engelbrecht

Suidooster actor and model, Eden Classens has managed to impressively transform his body by sticking to a clean diet, working hard and getting enough rest for one month. Here are his key tips.

Eden Classens' one-month challenge. Picture: Instagram

Eden Classens, known for his role as Justin Potgieter in the kykNET soapie Suidooster, recently embarked on a month-long fitness journey to get back into shape and prove that if you really want to, you can.

Through the challenge, he aimed to prove that if you stick to your diet, work hard and get enough rest, you’ll see results quickly.

The actor took to Instagram to explain that he hadn’t been to a gym in three months, but that everything was going to change. Judging by the posts that followed, things certainly have.

The actor’s before-and-after pics prove that his fitness journey – which was shared with social media followers in detail – worked wonders for his now cover-page worthy bod and according to him, also his self-confidence.

For him it was not about losing weight, but rather maintaining it, burning fat and building muscles. Another motivating factor was the fact that exercising is a natural antidepressant and a stress reliever.

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Here are the key tips and tricks to take away from his fitness challenge

Eat clean for your body

Even though he naturally craved some McDonald’s, pizza and chocolates, Classens did not let that stand in his way.

According to the actor, it may be hard work to cut out alcohol, carbs and sugar, but if you make those changes and keep it consistent – something that was key in this challenge – you’ll see results.

‘Four-three split’

A big part of the secret to Classens’ successful body transformation lies in what he calls the “four-three split”. This includes four days of exercise and three days of rest:

Day 1: Legs and shoulders

Day 2: Back and biceps

Day 3: Rest

Day 4: Chest and triceps

Day 5: Skills day – body workout with some calisthenics, calve exercises, forearms and more

Day 6: Rest

Day 7: Rest

On his resting days, he made time for stretching and he sticked to a clean diet.

No cardio necessary

As he didn’t want to lose any weight and cardio isn’t his preferred form of exercise, he only sticked to the exercising routine above. He also included ab exercises in every muscle workout day, as well as chest presses and squats.

Classens’ daily meals

During the challenge, Classens had five meals a day, usually consisting of:

  • Oats and fruit in the morning
  • Eggs and supplements
  • Mid-morning snack
  • Lunch
  • A 4pm snack
  • Dinner (usually a lean protein with some seasonal veggies and rice)

The key was to keep his body energised and stave off hungry, so he kept his portion sizes small and ate more regularly.

Get enough sleep

According to the actor, rest is significant in allowing your body to recover and muscles to set, giving you the required strength and energy to exercise the following day.

He uses CBD oil for a calming effect and to help him sleep well, and he always tries to get at least seven hours of sleep.

Record your fitness workouts

By recording your workouts, you are able to go back on your previous week’s performance and build on it.

It’s a lifestyle change

The challenge might have lasted only a month, but according to Classens, it is a lifestyle change and a foundation for the months to come.

It was all about improving on weight capacity, endurance, and stamina – something he definitely succeeded in.