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17 Sep 2021
11:05 am

Use it or lose it: Why your penis shrinks as you get older

Xanet Scheepers

If you’re well-endowed, this might not really be an issue, but if you’re already pulling on the short end of the stick, this news might be somewhat concerning.

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The old adage that everything gets better with age might be true for things like wine and wisdom, but unfortunately the same cannot be said for your nether regions.

Have you noticed how gogos seem to get shorter with every year they age? According to WebMD, this is completely normal. Not only does your body slow down as you get older, but the chemical position of your body changes as well.

They explain that the cushion between your bones, that keeps them from rubbing together, retains less water and deteriorates. So, as your bones settle together, you lose a few millimetres at a time. In fact, it’s normal to shrink up to 2.5cm as you age.

Unfortunately for men, this is not the only length you’ll lose as the years tick by.

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A Florida-based urologist told parenting website Fatherly that “the penis can lose about a centimetre of length from your rock-solid 30s to when you’re in your about-to-retire 60s”.

While some men might not really notice the difference, others who are not as well-endowed might wonder why their penis is shrinking.

The answer is simple. Ageing. As men get older, the penis loses collagen and elasticity as a result of more cells ageing and dying off. This affects blood flow throughout your body, including the penis, making your erection “smaller”.   

It might be a relief to know that it’s not really shrinking though… It might appear smaller because “the veins that are meant to make it bigger are aging,” urologist and founder of NY Urology told Fatherly.

So, what’s a normal penis size?

When erect, the average penis is about 12.5cm in length, while the average penis at its widest circumference, which can be at the base, or at the centre or at the tip is about 10cm around.

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Anything smaller than 6cm is considered a microphallus or “micropenis”, which can be caused by irregular hormone levels during the third trimester of pregnancy.

How can you make your shrinking penis look bigger?

The first step is to use it (or lose it), TikTok doctor Dr Edward Zimmerman, who goes by the handle dickdockontiktok, says. He says the more you use your penis, the less likely it is to shrink.

He also warns that the frequent use of a penis pump is not the answer to your “small” problem.

“If you do too much of a good thing for too long, you’re going to get bruising, pigmentation or just downright hurt him so he doesn’t go up anymore.”  

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According to Zimmerman, instead of trying to make it longer, men should aim for a thicker girth instead as it’s more important than length. He explains that the first 5cm’s of the vaginal canal has the most sensory elements, “and more girth is probably more important in stimulating and satisfying your partner than length.”

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Unfortunately, this is not something you can do at home before bedtime – you will need to undergo a surgical procedure where they use your own fat to add girth, or other FDA-approved materials.

Before you start saving for this painful operation, remember that it’s not the size of the dog that’s important, but rather the fight in the dog.