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13 Oct 2021
1:47 pm

#YouChoose: Take life by the boobs


Strawberry Lips takes to the sky this October to ask South Africans to choose to fly in their new Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign.

Boobs! Have we got your attention now? They come in all shapes and sizes, some are small, some are large. We push them up, we strap them down, we let them hang free. They go through the most. We love our breasts but, if we don’t get up close and personal with them, they could be the death of us. Guys, gals and non-binary folk let’s chat breast cancer.

Strawberry Lips is back again with the topic on everybody’s lips, breast cancer. Every year, the brand with the most ups the ante to spread the message that young people need to check their breasts, and this year, they’re taking that message to the stratosphere!  Everyone’s favourite strawberry-flavoured liqueur with a touch of tequila wants you to choose to fly, choose life by getting tested in their latest Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign, #YouChoose, complete with a kickass video and awesome prize. Why? Because breast cancer doesn’t just affect you when you are older. It can strike at any age.

Approximately 19.4 million women aged 15 years and older are at risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers amongst women in South Africa, making up 27.1% of new cancer cases in women, and almost 1 in 28 women are likely to be diagnosed with it in their lifetime. And, it’s also not just women who are susceptible, as 1-3% of all breast cancers happen in men. The survival rate for breast cancer once it has reached stage III and IV is only 24%, but, if caught early, that survival rate skyrockets to 93%.

As true supporters of women and sisterhood, this October Strawberry Lips is spreading the message that by getting tested you are choosing to live your best life. Because you deserve it. Launching the campaign officially, Strawberry Lips ambassador and DJ, Lady Amar and the Strawberry Lips ladies took to the skies and spent a day living life to the fullest by getting tested and facing their fears – and, once you’ve conquered your fear of cancer what better way to celebrate than jumping out of a plane?

“I love life, that’s why I choose to get tested during Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” exclaims Lady Amar. “Thank you to the Strawberry Lips team for spreading this important message. Now, it’s your turn to live life to the fullest with me by getting tested.”

Though Covid-19 has taken centre stage in our lives, Strawberry Lips reminds everyone that, like that toxic ex, breast cancer hasn’t gone away. In 2020 alone, 15 491 South African women were diagnosed with breast cancer. “Breast cancer has touched the lives of almost everyone I know in some way, which is why it is so crucial that we continue to educate others on the importance of knowing the signs, self-examinations and regular screenings,” says Strawberry Lips marketing manager, Vanessa Nel.

Take your life into your own hands by copping a feel and getting tested for breast cancer at any medical centre, public hospital breast clinic, CANSA Care Centre or Clicks. What are you waiting for?

Only we can change the narrative around breast cancer. Join the conversation, share your stories and support the movement by contributing to essential breast checks and educational drives. Issa thing! And, by living your life to the fullest and helping your friends to do the same, you and your sistas could win yourselves a sky-diving experience like no other. Keep your eyes peeled to the Strawberry Lips social media channels to enter. This October, choose to get tested, choose to live life to the fullest, choose to fly!

Visit Strawberry Lips on www.strawberrylipstequila.co.za, connect on Facebook, and Instagram.