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25 Jan 2022
3:37 pm

Daily hacks: A homemade hangover recipe that will change your life

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Man suffering from a hangover after a night of drinking. Picture: iStock

Now, this is what you call a viral video. On TikTok, the post of a New York dietician has been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

She presents a remedy for the difficult aftermath of a night out. Except, society has never really found an effective and scientifically proven solution against hangovers. 

Water, lemon juice, ginger paste. These are the ingredients in an American dietician’s remedy that she has shared to help TikTokers cope with their drunken nights.

Her recipe also includes a mix of turmeric, black pepper, stevia leaf extract and monk fruit, an Asian food often used as a natural alternative to sugar.

The video has been liked nearly 650,000 times, and users have been effusive in thanking the author.

One TikToker wrote, for example, that he still had trouble drinking water, but that thanks to this solution it has become easier.

This recipe that has gone viral is no miracle cure although it could be beneficial for individuals who are looking to add a little something to their water consumption, something the dietician outlines, acknowledging that the main benefit is hydration.

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Alcohol disrupts the antidiuretic hormone, vasopressin. In short, consuming alcoholic beverages disrupts kidney function, causing us to need to visit the bathroom often.

That’s why the only effective remedy for a hangover is to drink a lot of water. None of the ingredients in this TikTok video are of any use in this kind of situation, other than to add flavour and thereby encourage people to drink more water. 

In this post, Monica D’Agostino doesn’t hide the fact that she is a regular drinker, revealing that she often concocts this recipe after a weekend of ordering a bunch of tequila sodas.

A risky behavior that is all the more dangerous as some viewers may extrapolate that a solution exists for countering binge drinking. 

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