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28 Jan 2022
3:04 pm

Hlomu book series author on struggling with mental health at height of success

Kaunda Selisho

Hlomu book series author Dudu Busani-Dube shared that she spent 21 days in a mental institution and came to a revelation about her platform.

Mbalenhle Mavimbela and Hlomu Book Series author Dudu Busani-Dube | Picture: Twitter

One would think that having a best-selling book under your belt would leave you ecstatic but that was sadly not the case for Hlomu book series author Dudu Busani-Dube. The author recently opened up about her struggles with anxiety in a Twitter thread that was well received by her fans.

“Now, here is the thing… For the past 6/7 years of me being the writer of the most popular books over here, I have (and this is something my therapist pointed out to me) avoided and rejected the ‘famous/influential/public figure thingy,” began Busani-Dube.

“I said to him, I’m the most known person who isn’t a celebrity. I was just saying that but because he is a professional he made me understand why that is the case, and how it has everything to do with me and my personality (problematic and complicated personality),” she added.

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Reflecting on her conversation with her therapist about “being influential and choosing not to put it to good use,” the author shared her decision about how she would put her influence to good use moving forward.

Busani-Dube shared that she spent 21 days between December 2021 and January 2022 in a mental institution.

The Hlomu book series author added that this also gave her time to connect to the person she felt she was before the fame. The Dudu she was when she penned the books.

“I said to her: ‘I’m also human’ and we laughed and made a video for her boss who happens to be a big fan of my books,” wrote Busani-Dube.

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“I have rejected many ‘influencer’ deals, turned down many celebrity event invitations (not because there’s anything wrong with them, but because I know my limits and complications),” she tweeted, before adding “The mental issues, the struggle to crawl out of depression and fighting anxiety attacks… If the assumption that I’m influential is true, then that’s the one issue I’m willing to speak about, openly and honestly.”

Another observation Busani-Dube made during this time was the fact that she shut out those who care about her most.

“I shut them out, rejected their efforts and enjoyed being in an enclosed space with people who were as mentally unstable as I was. I was happy there. I made friends. I learned to say ‘I love you’ without thinking twice to teenagers who had never heard those words from their parents…”

The Hlomu book series author concluded by stating that she would be lending her platform to shedding a light on conversations regarding mental illness.

She also indicated that she was open to collaborating.

Busani-Dube’s book series was recently adapted into a television series that is currently available on Showmax.