Hein Kaiser
3 minute read
9 Mar 2021
5:12 am

Curb on data abuse on the horizon as Popi comes alive

Hein Kaiser

The Protection of Personal Information Act takes effect in July and Werksmans attorneys has an online resource to interrogate compliance.

Sanef has told Saps to stop bugging journalists. Picture: iStock

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is more than a buzzword or a poster slogan. It is very real. Technology is infiltrating every aspect of our lives quicker than anyone can say “where has my privacy gone?” The blurring of the lines between physical reality and a digital world is exciting but, in many ways, Orwellian in its possible impact and consequence to important freedoms. Big data, or large volumes of information analysed by the machinations of technology will continue to play a larger role in how goods and services are marketed, how we interact with the world and what people know...