Alice Spenser-Higgs
3 minute read
17 Nov 2019
6:15 am

Fast-growing squash crops

Alice Spenser-Higgs

Two plants will feed a family and young leaves and flowers are edible too.


Old hands at vegetable gardening like to start their baby marrows and patty pans early because by February the heat, rain and pests take their toll. That means that if you haven’t yet sown these veggies, it is time to get planting. Both baby marrows and patty pans are quick summer crops that are rewarding plants for the home gardener to grow, especially beginners, says Marlaen Straathof of Kirchhoffs Seeds. Seed germinates easily and the first fruit is ready for picking within 65 days from sowing. Young leaves can be eaten as marog and the yellow flowers are edible too....