Alice Spenser-Higgs
3 minute read
9 Feb 2020
9:36 am

It’s time for a cool and colourful patio

Alice Spenser-Higgs

Be careful not to over-water container plants as it will lead to root rot.

Picture: iStock

The baking hot days of February make gardening outdoors almost impossible. It is time to retreat to the patio and fill it with cool, leafy plants and pops of colour. Hibiscus is normally regarded as an outdoor shrub, but it also grows well as a patio plant. Those for the patio tend to be compact ornamental standards with huge flowers in bright yellow, red or pink. Patio hibiscus need a few hours of direct sunlight to flower but keep them away from glass or the leaves could burn. It helps to keep newly bought hibiscus in the shade for about...