Alice Spenser-Higgs
3 minute read
31 May 2020
9:02 am

How to prepare your garden for winter

Alice Spenser-Higgs

Plant up a pot or hanging basket of winter-hardy herbs such as thyme, parsley and chives for the patio where it gets plenty of sun.

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The dramatic drop in temperature earlier this week may be unwelcome, but it is true to the seasonal shift, with the first frost always expected towards the end of May. For vegetable gardeners, noting the first and last frost date helps to plan future sowing. Sean Freeman of Living Seeds advises that the last winter planting in the ground should be at least 3-4 weeks before the first frost. In areas that don’t get frost, the cut-off is when the night temperature drops below 10°C. In spring, don’t sow in situ, or plant out young seedlings until after the last...