Alice Spenser-Higgs
3 minute read
9 Aug 2020
9:42 am

Get Namaqualand at your door with osteospermum daisies

Alice Spenser-Higgs

These cool-season daisies flower in spring and autumn.

Orange African daisy (osteospermum). Picture; iStock

When osteospermum daisies start flowering it is a sure sign that spring is around the corner. They flower from spring until the very hot days arrive when flowering slows down. Plants go semi-dormant until autumn when they burst into flower again. Now that climate change has ramped up summer temperatures, gardens are at their best during the milder seasons of spring and autumn. This makes osteospermums and other annuals or perennials that come back in autumn worthwhile plants. Generally, they are grown as annuals but in warm, frost-free areas osteospermums can go through to a second year. After that they...