Sonri Naidoo
3 minute read
24 Nov 2020
10:21 am

Getting festive in the garden

Sonri Naidoo

Time to prep the summer garden.

Pentas lanceolata beautiful pink flowers macro, blume , fleur, phool, huā also known as Egyptian starcluster, is a species of flowering plant in the madder family, Rubiaceae Image: iStock

Getting together outdoors is the safest way to socialise, and as we move into the festive season, our gardens may be the best place for that.  That means paying more attention so it always looks welcoming. Replacing the coffee shop get-together with an invitation to tea in the garden, is part of the worldwide shift in the way we socialise. According to the latest Garden Trends Report by the Garden Media Group, more than half of US adults are spending two additional hours a day outside since lockdowns started. Even better, 16 million new gardeners have emerged in America, many...