Sonri Naidoo
4 minute read
30 Nov 2020
10:35 am

How to deal with garden pests

Sonri Naidoo

Vegetables: Pest and disease management is a must for a productive, edible garden.

Powdery mildew disease on oak tree caused by Erysiphe alphitoides (Microsphaera alphitoides) fungus Image: iStcok

December onwards is prime time for pests, and fungus diseases, in the vegetable garden. The combination of heat, rain and humidity creates the perfect conditions for them. The trouble with pests is that they don’t go away if we ignore them. Instead, they multiply at a breath-taking rate. Before you know it, tomatoes are caterpillar infested, or riddled with white fly. Red spider mite has infested the leaves of brinjals and beans, and a white, powdery mildew covers the leaves of baby marrows. Pest and disease management is an absolute must for a productive edible garden. That doesn’t mean resorting...