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2 Aug 2021
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13 easy ways to transform your home from drab to fab

Renate Engelbrecht

Make your home look like De Toren’s newly renovated Manor House with these décor items.

The De Toren Wine Bar. Picture: Supplied

If you’re keen on transforming your home, look no further than the newly renovated De Toren Private Cellar’s Manor House for inspiration.  

The Private Cellar’s manor house has just been renovated and although you could usually only visit the estate by appointment, they’ve now thrown open their doors, offering guests a captivating experience with its architecture, interior design and exterior landscaping that have been driven by a story of evolution, rather than revolution.

While the original Manor House has been transformed into a contemporary space with African and Dutch influences, De Toren stayed true to its roots and heritage.

The idea was to let the Manor House reflect the estate’s magical, natural surroundings and therefore, in addition to the Cape Dutch architecture that was kept intact, they elevated the historical style with an influence of African aesthetic to reflect the Cape’s unique Fynbos Biome.

Modern, dark brown frames and shutters

These were chosen instead of the traditional green and the gable has been reimagined as a more modern, sleek and angular structure, which offers some hits of the Manor House’s contemporary interiors.

House of Supreme manufactures, distributes and installs shutters of various kinds, including similar dark brown, wooden shutters as those from De Toren.

Dark, wooden floors

The choice in De Toren’s flooring brings a sense of depth and grounding to the Manor House. Create the same depth and grounding into your home with CTM’s Nu-Vinyl Wenge Dark Vinyl Flooring Click System.

Transform your home with a large fireplace

Nothing makes you feel as welcome and as comfortable as a cosy, crackling fire while you sip on a glass of premium wine.

Make your home feel as cosy and comfortable as De Toren’s Manor House with a Magma 10kW slow combustion fireplace from Lava Fires or a smaller option like Hydrofire’s rather affordable Parma L freestanding fireplace.

Dramatic chandeliers will transform your home

Not only does a dramatic chandelier pull the eyes upward, making a space appear bigger; it also makes a statement.

LightInTheBox has some very impressive chandeliers to look at, like their Cluster Design chandeliers that could work well for a home with either a modern or a vintage feel.

Leather Gallery’s Vintage Beckham Chandelier might just do the trick in making your home feel more like De Toren’s Manor House.

Transform your home with a large chandelier
De Toren’s impressive chandelier. Picture: Supplied

Sleek tan leather couches

When it comes to combining African aesthetic with Cape Dutch heritage, the inclusion of leather is non-negotiable. Leather is a classic décor item and a sleek, tan leather couch even more so.

Cielo has a range of options for you to choose from when it comes to both taste and budget. Their Edison Leather Couch in Wax Crackle Ginger fits the De Toren criteria perfectly.

De Toren's sleek leather couches
Invest in one or two sleek, leather couches to transform your home. Picture: Supplied

Variety of scatter cushions

The lounge area has been finished off with lovely scatter cushions in various colours, sizes and textures. Scatter cushions are such a simple decorative item, yet it brings so much into a room.

KNUS’ textured scatter cushions are unique and ideal if you want to create a similar look and feel in your home. You can even just buy the covers. KNUS’ Zulu pattern scatter covers, leaves grey scatter covers and botany grey scatter covers would do wonders when you transform your home into a Manor House.

Scatter cushions at De Toren Private Cellar
A variety of scatter cushions will help transform your home into a manor house. Picture: Supplied

Black and white African ceramics

Black and white African ceramics make a statement all over De Toren’s Manor House and you can do the same while transforming your home into a Manor House by investing in one or two special pieces from Bordallo Pinheiro, like their large Spring Vase or the Spring Tall Bowl.

Of course, if you’re on the hunt for a new hobby, you can also make your own which will make it all the more unique and special.

Transform your home with an old-style mirror

The manor wine bar’s vintage-looking mirror highlights the ebony counter – which is inspired by traditional patterns – perfectly.

There are so many old-style mirrors available these days with it being such a high-in-demand décor item. Builders Warehouse has a variety of old-style mirrors to choose from at reasonable prices. You will also be able to find some lovely mirrors at Coricraft.

Velvet bar stools

Whether it’s a barstool, a dining chair or an ottoman you’re after, consider getting it with a velvet finish to give it that luxurious feel to transform your home into a Manor House. Hertex Haus sells lovely velvet stools.

You can also have a look at Elevenpast’s Velvet Beetle kitchen stools if you’re in search of something a little higher and you won’t be too far off with Spacery’s Berlin barstools either.

Transform your home with houseplants

Bring the outdoors inside with greenery. Contact NetFlorist to assist you with some houseplants that will help keep your house a home. De Toren has included a lot of indoor ferns at the bar area, as well as some lovely hanging plants in the chef’s kitchen.

If you are looking for something truly unique and special, consider becoming a member at Saffron’s Garden.

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Oversize, the new fashion trend

Oversized natural basket pendants hang above the dining table at the manor house. These are a huge décor trend at the moment and therefore you wouldn’t struggle to find some basket pendants for your home. The Lighting Warehouse has a variety of options to choose from.

Oversized basket pendants
De Toren Private Cellar’s oversize basket pendants. Picture: Supplied

A myriad of textures

Play around with textures like De Toren has done with its office-cum-TV room. Here you’ll spot a brown leather couch, textured grey armchairs, a greige patterned rug, wooden and metal desks, gold, brass and wooden accessories and more that all assist in creating a contemporary and African-inspired feel.

You can bring in some accessories into your home like a brass bell from AMARA, or a brass tray with decorative handles from The Home Quarter. Artist Jonette Schoeman from Greyroom might also be able to assist with some lovely, textured wall art or rugs, all handwoven locally.

Wine, wine, wine

Of course, adding a couple of De Toren’s wine bottles to your wine rack might also add a touch of class to your home and a hive wine display from Design11 could be the perfect final touch.

De Toren Wine
A glass of wine at De Toren Private Cellar. Picture: Supplied

Much like De Toren’s wine, the newly renovated Manor House has mastered the art of creating an experience of two worlds in one. They’ve very successfully combined the old with the new while staying true to what it’s all about: A luxurious wine experience.