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1 Dec 2021
4:24 pm

Daily hacks: Three tips for a stress-free Christmas

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We have finally made it to the last month of this hectic year, and with it being December, there is a lot of pressure and planning going on for Christmas.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, then these tips should be of help during your festive season planning to ensure that you have a stress-free Christmas.

Decorate your home ahead of time

Despite what people say, it is never a bad thing to get a head start on decorating your home for the festive season.

Decorating your home way in advance gives you the time to do it at a more comfortable pace, and allows you to decorate your home exactly how you want to.

Consider whether the colour palette you choose for your decorations goes well with your home decor. You don’t need to follow trends if you don’t want to; you can always opt for classic Christmas combinations like green with red and silver with gold. 

A house decorated in Christmas decorations. Picture: iStock

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Make decorating your home a bonding experience

Most Christmas decorations are spikey or made out of glass, and can be a safety hazard to your kids, but that should not stop you from involving them in the fun tradition of decorating your home for the festive season.

Get crafty and make your own safe decorations as a family. Help your kids create and personalise a decoration for each member of the family. After all, kids love anything with their names on it!

Family celebrating Christmas together. Picture: iStock

Get your lunch and dinner guests to pitch in

One of the expensive aspects of Christmas and the festive season is the meals and dishes prepared and eaten during the holiday season. Hosting your friends and loved ones may be too costly for you and may be a little out of your budget.

If you are having lots of guests over to eat, consider talking to them beforehand to get a good idea of what they like and even how they could help prepare dishes to share. As a bonus, that means you can delegate some of the cooking and preparation tasks to others, relieving some of that stress from yourself.

Friends and family enjoying a Christmas lunch together. Picture: iStock