VIDEO: How to DIY your sugar hair removal

Need a quick and inexpensive way to remove body hair at home? Follow these easy steps:

Sugaring is a hair removal technique that involves the use of sugar to remove hair straight from the root. This beauty practice is said to have originated in ancient Egypt, although it is gaining popularity in modern times. Sugaring is said to be better than waxing because the pain is moderate and it causes minimal bumps and irritation compared to waxing. It’s also great for those with sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic.

To make your sugaring wax, you’ll need:

● 4 cups of sugar

● 1 cup of fresh lemon juice

● 1 cup of water

Preparation steps:

● Mix the ingredients on low heat in a saucepan

● Continue mixing the ingredients until the mixture becomes golden

● Let the mixture cool

● Pour the mixture in a heat resistant container

Sugaring steps:

● Grab a bit of the sugaring mix with your fingertips and rotate the mix by moving your thumb clockwise

● If your sugaring mix is too hard, you can heat it in the microwave to make it softer

● Using your thumb, index, middle and ring fingers, grab the sugar and place it on your body part of choice. Make sure your pinky sticks away from the mix.

● Use the backs of your nails to scratch the sugar down onto your skin

● Straighten your hand and then flick the sugar with a swift, forward motion. This repeated action should remove unwanted hair from your body.


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