How to stop the nyaope monster

Amos Tebeila: As a recent victim of nyaope addicts, I suggest the following ways to sweep out the nyaope problem from our society:

•Nyaope’s stubborn roots spread fast in our communities.

It grows fast like lethal weeds among healthy crops.

We need not only cut its branches, but we need to uproot it from our society.

•All nyaope addicts and dealers should be arrested and given a heavy fine.

•All nyaope smokers should be taken away to rehabs to receive help to deal with their habit.

•Our mayor, Mike Masina says our drug addicted youth should be educated about the dangers of using drugs.

But I think teaching the youth is not enough, the municipality should engage nyaope smokers in skills training and with recreational facilities to keep them busy and away from the streets.

•The nyaope problem affects us all, hence everyone must lend a hand and help where they can.

Business owners should put heads together and come up with strategies for tackling the prevalent nyaope problem.

•Lastly, nyaope addicts didn’t drop from heaven, they have parents.

I strongly urge parents to be more concerned about the deteriorating health of their nyaope smoking children to save their sinking lives.

I’d be grateful if my suggestions will be tried and tested and not fall on deaf ears.

Together we can defeat nyaope.

Cops should cooperate in throwing nyaope sellers and users in jail.

If we don’t effectively deal with the nyaope drug, it will always ruffle up our feathers.

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