Why is my internet so slow?

Try these three steps to improve your Wi-Fi signal and internet speed.

In this pandemic-controlled world, having a fast, reliable internet connection has become a crucial must-have. There is nothing more frustrating than struggling through a Zoom meeting with a slow internet connection, be it for work or for school.

Try these hacks from MetroFibre Networx to remedy your slow connection or weak Wi-Fi signal:

Is your router in the right place?

While your internet line speed might be ideal, the signal strength from your Wi-Fi router will diminish the further you move away from it. Your router location can impact the signal strength. Think about using range extenders to get the Wi-Fi signal throughout your house. This is especially important for your home office, which is usually far away from the noisy family common rooms. Try to place your most frequently used devices like the TV or computer as close to the router as possible for the best signal strength.

How old is your Wi-Fi router?

If you have a 20 Mbps internet line but your old Wi-Fi router has a maximum output of 5 Mbps, you’ll only ever get up to half of what you’re paying for. Also, even if your router is not outdated, the firmware may need an occasional update.

Give your router space

Move appliances such as microwaves, baby monitors and cordless phones away from your router to prevent possible congestion of your Wi-Fi spectrum. Alternatively, if you’re worried that a neighbour’s Wi-Fi is disrupting your signal, you can try following this guide from Tech Advisor on changing your router channel.

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