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Four fantastic reads this June - Risking It All, Who Do We Become? Impossible Bosses and Miracle Men

Elon Musk: Risking It All by Michael Vlismas
This book offers exclusive new insights and first-hand interviews into the childhood that shaped Musk. From humble beginnings as an awkward Pretoria boy, who loved comics, to the influence of his mother and the complex relationship with his father, Musk’s early years were crucial in forming his stellar ambitions. Journalist and author Michael Vlismas traces his remarkable life, from his first years in America and development of his entrepreneurial vision to becoming the boundary-pushing billionaire with grand plans of inhabiting Mars. Thoroughly researched, this engaging book dispels several myths and offers other sides to the controversy around Musk’s father. Vlismas attended the same school as Musk and has an intimate knowledge of the environment that shaped him. R280

Who Do We Become? by John Sanei
John maps out our strange, new world and lays down a path to reframe our thinking, to recognise our discomfort, to survive AND THRIVE. Infused with empathy and personal anecdotes, the book is divided into three sections. In Part 1: ANGUISH, John explores how to courageously mourn the loss of our ‘normal’ pre-Covid world. Part 2: ABNORMAL, shows us how to understand this new environment and recognise that uncertainty is the new normal. And in Part 3: ADVENTURE, John provides a toolkit for us to forge out into the new world, to succeed and recognise the signs of rebirth and renewal. R250

Impossible Bosses by Vivienne Lawack, Hanlie Lizette Wessels & Robert Craig
A difficult manager can be the cause of many a sleepless night, or in extreme cases, even make you want to quit your job. Impossible bosses can obstruct your professional growth by hiding corporate ladders and leave your career stuck in an invisible cage. In this book, eight archetypal managers who create uniquely challenging situations at work are identified, including Mr Tumbleweed (the anxious and indecisive manager), Ms Say Me (the competitive control freak manager), Mr Make-Up (the people-pleasing manager), Ms When We (the hostage-of-the-past manager) and four other friends. Drawing on real-life experiences, the authors describe typical workplace scenarios you might find yourself in with these impossible bosses and identify their key character traits. Most importantly, they share several secret strategies for how best to communicate your ideas and demonstrate your value to them. R280

Miracle Men by Lloyd Burnard
When Rassie Erasmus took over as coach of the Springboks in 2018, few thought they had a chance of winning the Rugby World Cup. The Boks had slipped to seventh in the world rankings and lost the faith of the rugby-loving public. Less than two years later, jubilant crowds lined the streets of South
Africa’s cities to welcome back the victorious team. Sportswriter Lloyd Burnard takes the reader on the thrilling journey of a team that went from no-hopers to world champions. He examines how exactly this turnaround was achieved. Interviews with players, coaches and support staff reveal how the principles of inclusion, openness and focus, as well as careful planning and superb physical conditioning, became the basis for a winning formula. The key roles played by Rassie Erasmus and Siya Kolisi shine through. R195
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