Book Club: Two heartwarming books you’ll love

Here are two of our favourite feel-good books to enjoy this month.

How long would you wait for the one you love? If you’re a fan of Jojo Moyes, Ruth Jones and Joanna Cannon, you’re going to love Abbie Greaves’  The End of the Earth … the story of a woman who simply cannot let go of her greatest love.

Mary O’Connor has been keeping a vigil for her first love for the past seven years. Every evening without fail, she arrives at Ealing Broadway station and sets herself up among the commuters. In her hands Mary holds a sign which bears the words: ‘Come Home Jim.’ Then an unexpected call turns her world on its head.

In spite of all her efforts, Mary can no longer find the strength to hold herself together. She must finally face what happened all those years ago, and answer the question – where on earth is Jim? Penguin Random House  

The bestselling author of The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (which we loved!) gives us an intoxicating adventure story about female friendship and having the courage to live your dreams, however unlikely they may be.

In Miss Benson’s Beetle, it’s 1950. In a devastating moment of clarity, Margery Benson abandons her dead-end job and advertises for an assistant to accompany her on an expedition. She is going to travel to the other side of the world to search for a beetle that may or may not exist.

Enid Pretty, in her unlikely pink travel suit, is not the companion Margery had in mind. And yet together they will be drawn into an adventure that will exceed every expectation. They will risk everything, break all the rules, and at the top of a red mountain, discover their best selves.

This is a story that is less about what can be found than the belief it might be found; it is an intoxicating adventure story but it is also about what it means to be a woman and a tender exploration of a friendship that defies all boundaries. Penguin Random House

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