Ten ways to make (or keep) exercise fun at any age

If exercise feels like a chore, rather focus on these (and other) fun ways to get moving.

There’s no doubt that exercise is essential to our wellbeing, but for many people it comes with pressure to “get it right” (in other words, to burn fat and build muscle), when in fact exercise should be about connecting with our bodies and having fun!

One way to overcome the pressure (and subsequent resistance!) is by reframing exercise as movement in your mind – and by giving yourself permission to experiment and play, just as a child would.

There is no one-size-fits all approach; anything that gets your blood pumping and helps you to work up a sweat, build stamina or stretch is good!  

 Use this list as inspiration…

  1. Dancing – Join an online class or local dance studio, or simply put on your favourite music and throw an impromptu party for one in your living room. It’s food for the soul!
  2. Fitness video games – From basketball and boxing to tennis, golf, skiing and Zumba, there’s something for everyone on game platforms such as Wii, Xbox and PS3/4.
  3. Outdoor activity parks – and places like Acrobranch where you climb trees, scale obstacles and zip line (what an adrenalin rush!).
  4. Playgrounds – Remember how much fun it was to swing, climb jungle gyms and hang from monkey bars?
  5. Play catch with the dog, throw frisbees with the kids, fly a kite, ride your bike…
  6. Go for a beach walk or nature trail, swim in the sea, splash in a pool, stand up paddle-board – being outdoors has multiple benefits for body and mind!
  7. Try horse riding, roller skating, trampolining, ice skating… even ten pin bowling and hula hooping counts!
  8. Play a team sport (you’re never too old).
  9. Talk while you walk – either on the phone or in a group of friends and enjoy the double benefit!
  10. Get into gardening – This, along with activities like housework, often exercises unused muscles in the body and can be immensely satisfying too.  


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