Ntsako Mthethwa
1 minute read
17 Aug 2016
12:12 pm

Jeremy Clarkson picks top 10 cars

Ntsako Mthethwa

With spring just around the corner, Clarkson put out a list of his top-10 cars from this year and 2015.

Photo: Top Gear

We know James May wouldn’t leave out the much-loved BMW 325, locally known as the gusheshe, on the list of cars he loves. The Stig would pretty much agree with us … we have recorded a video to prove that.

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But then again, apart from the ex-Top Gear host’s recent shoot of upcoming Amazon Prime Show The Grand Tour in South Africa, we religiously know Jeremy Clarkson for his role as a co-host on the old Top Gear.

The Grand Tour also has a standing column for The Sunday Times in the UK, where he reviews the latest cars. With spring just around the corner, Clarkson put out a list of his top 10 cars from this year and 2015.

In order to make his list of star cars, the vehicles must offer what co-host James May calls “the fizz”. The vehicles, Clarkson claims, have something that is out of the ordinary. Whether it’s the car’s looks, the way it gets up to speed, or its high-tech gadgets, Clarkson’s list is made up of items that are more than just tools for getting from point A to B.

So which ones made the list? Start exploring the map below.