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26 Mar 2014
1:00 pm

Lexus debuts more dynamic CT 200h

Citizen Reporter

Lexus has unveiled its new-look CT 200h featuring new styling, improved body structure, revised suspension and new specifications.

Central to these improvements are additional spot-welding and body-strengthening measures, revised suspension tune for improved ride comfort and a new styling package.

Lexus SA general manager Justin Ryan says the wide-ranging improvements to the CT 200h are much more than skin deep. “The depth of these improvements go right to the heart of the newcomer, focusing on its aesthetic appeal, handling capabilities and overall driveability.


“A further change is the rationalisation of the range to just one model, with standard features like leather, dual climate control and every conceivable piece of safety kit, you’ve got the perfect compact luxury hatch,” he says.

“The upgraded CT also reinforces Lexus’ commitment to delivering engaging design and enjoyable dynamics across our entire product line-up.”

The new CT 200h combines increased body rigidity, suspension revisions and enhanced aerodynamics with comprehensive NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) measures to offer a more refined, comfortable driving experience and an even quieter cabin environment.


Body rigidity has been improved through additional spot-welding and the extensive use of structural adhesive technology.

Increased body rigidity has also allowed for suspension re-tuning. Coil spring rates have been optimised, a new shock absorber valve adopted, and the rear stabiliser bar diameter altered to enhance ride comfort with no loss of handling agility.

What’s more, a traction control off switch has been added for greater driver control.


Steering responsiveness has also been improved thanks to the optimisation of the Electric Power Steering (EPS) system to create a smoother, more natural steering feel.

Complementing the overall improvements are no less than 94 separate measures adopted to further reduce NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness). Some examples of the aforementioned include:

Improved sound absorbing material which has been adopted for the rear wheel housing liner.

The addition of fender separators that prevent noise from entering the cabin through the space between fender and front apron.

The addition of sealer coating to reduce the amount of engine and road noise that penetrates the cabin.


The adoption of a new-design hybrid inlet duct that combines superior quietness with excellent intake efficiency.

The new CT 200h becomes the seventh (and most recent) Lexus vehicle to receive the luxury marque’s spindle grille – reinforcing the CT’s low front profile and wide track. In profile, the new CT 200h is distinguished by newly developed 10-spoke 16 inch alloys.

The other major visual change is at the rear. An all-new bumper design features a more horizontal structure. It incorporates distinctive L-shaped reflector housings and a black lower centre section to emphasise the vehicle’s low centre of gravity and broad rear stance.

The new CT 200h interior has been refined to offer greater comfort, enhanced levels of equipment and improved visual and tactile quality.