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24 May 2014
3:15 pm

New generation BMW M3, M4 unveiled

Own Correspondent

BMW as unleashed the latest version of its iconic M3 and its younger sibling the M4.

The new BMW M3. Picture: Supplied

The years have seen the high performance derivative evolve into an ever more powerful, yet sophisticated machine that challenges drivers to push the envelope via its purist rear wheel drive configuration.

Citizen Motoring journalist and BMW Club racing champion Mark Jones travelled to Portugal over the weekend to experience the new beast first hand and found the trip to be more than worth it as the vehicles lived up to expectations as he threw both sedan and coupe through the tight and twistys. 

With a price tag of R956 618,40 for the M3 in 6-speed manual, even the bottom of the range vehicle is no cheap thrill, but Jones believes it feels worth it at the time. But, he adds that as journalist he doesn’t really know how much money that actually is.

This of course is the base price and the range of options is vast. Add the ceramic brakes for example and you can tack on another R90 000.

Both the M3 and M4 are available with a choice of 6-speed manual or 7-speed M-DCT. The latter is now so good it is hard to argue logically for the three-pedal version.

But when you’re driving an M3, logic is only a small part of the equation. Jones returns to planet earth next week when he will give us the full rundown on the M3. Get his full version in Wednesday’s Citizen Motoring.


M3 6-speed manual: R956 618,40
M3 7-speed M-DCT: R1 004 092,40
M4 Coupe 6-speed manual: R1 006 118,40
M4 Coupe 7-speed M-DCT: R1 053 592,40