Shaun Holland
2 minute read
21 Apr 2018
5:55 am

A world of BMW luxury

Shaun Holland

BMW is synonymous with quality and sheer driving pleasure – and that’s what you get.

BMW as a brand will always be popular – and when I got the opportunity to test the BMW 220d, there was no way I was going to turn it down. This was not only my first experience with a diesel car, but it was also my first time testing a BMW.

The first thing that came to my attention is that as soon as you get into a BMW, you enter a world of luxury. Everything in the cockpit is so well assembled and operates so well, but then again that’s nothing to be surprised by, because BMW is synonymous with quality and sheer driving pleasure. And that’s exactly what you get.

The drive is definitely as refined as you expect it to be, and the 4 cylinder turbo-charged diesel motor produces 140KW at 400NM, which creates a lot of torque. This is partnered with 8-speed automatic steptronic transmission, which gives you the smoothest changes I’ve experienced – whether you use it in automatic or manual mode. I prefer the automatic mode.

WATCH: Video of 220 test

This model had the M-Sport package on, with an 18-inch, charcoal twin spoke wheel, which gives it a sportier look. The headlights and tail lights are absolutely striking and they look stunning at night. It has the signature double kidney grille that you have become used to seeing on BMWs.


The car has a multitude of safety and drivers assistance features which are easy to use and not too distracting when you drive.

When it comes to ease of use of the media system, I would say that it was much easier to use then I initially thought.

The central nervous system of the media system is all within reach and built around the arm rest where it can easily be operated with one hand.

As with many of the new cars, the 220d has an interactive efficient dynamics interface which urges you to drive more efficiently, and I find this feature quite fun to use.

This car would be the perfect addition for someone who is single or would be a nice option for a couple who don’t have children.

The only gripe I have is that the car doesn’t feel original and it lacks an identity of it’s own.


  • Very little turbo lag and it’s fun to drive.
  • The headlights and tail lights are stunning.
  • The car is very efficient on fuel, BMW claims it uses 4l/100km.
  • The media system is simple to operate.
  • For a Coupe, the boot can load much more than expected.


  • Keyless entry should be a standard feature considering the car has a start/stop button.
  • The 2 series is marketed a compact car but it is not much smaller than a sedan.
  • The car is only a 4-seater because there is precarious tray in the middle of the back seat.