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2 Aug 2018
12:57 pm

Ten easy steps to changing a flat tyre

Motoring Reporter

Check out these 10 easy steps to changing a flat tyre.

Women’s Day reminds us of the many awesome things women are capable of, like changing a tyre as easily as we change our minds.

Are we kidding? Not a chance. Check out these 10 easy steps to changing a flat tyre.

  1. Turn on your hazard lights.
  2. Once your car is on level ground, remove the spare tyre, jack, screwdriver and spanner, and check the owner’s manual for instructions on where to place the jack.
  3. Loosen the wheel nuts – just turn once. Jack up the car to the point where the wheel turns easily.
  4. Use the screwdriver to loosen the wheel cover if applicable, then use the spanner and turn anticlockwise to loosen the wheel nuts.
  5. Hold the tyre as steady as possible and pull straight towards you to remove it.
  6. Using the spare tyre, align the holes on the spare tyre with the bolts on the car and fit the tyre.
  7. Screw the wheel nuts onto the bolts, first by hand, then lightly using the spanner, but don’t tighten them fully just yet.
  8. Disengage the jack and remove it once the tyre touches the road.
  9. Now use the spanner to tighten the bolts good and properly. Start with one, then tighten the one directly opposite it, and so on until they’re all as tight as you can get them.
  10. Snap the wheel cover back in place, pack up the spare and tools in the boot, and head to your nearest Tiger Wheel & Tyre to have the flat/damaged tyre repaired or replaced.

If at any point in this process, a chivalrous gentleman should stop and offer to take over, then by all means allow him the privilege of assisting you…

Not because you’re a damsel in distress, but because his need for an ego boost is greater than your desire to change a dirty tyre!