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28 Aug 2018
11:57 am

Potholes, a smoking bonnet, a missed meeting – stay safe with Guardian Angel on Call

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Guardian Angel on Call is there for every eventuality on the road.

Desperate woman calling for emergency help after vehicle breakdown

So whether you need emergency medical assistance, a tow-truck, roadside assistance, a person to wait with you if you feel unsafe or a lift where you need to go, there’s a Guardian Angel on standby, just in case.

Potholes. They’re part and parcel of driving on our roads. No matter how careful you are, you often end up swerving at the last second to avoid them. And when you do, you heave a sigh of relief. You can continue your journey, smiling, albeit slightly flustered.

That’s the ideal outcome but since life doesn’t always go according to plan, your efforts to avoid that pothole may mean hitting a street pole instead. With a smoking bonnet and smashed in bumper, your car wouldn’t be safe to drive, which could result in you missing an important meeting. And if you’re not in a great area, you may feel uneasy. Definitely not ideal.

If however you had comprehensive car insurance from 1st for Women, you’d have Guardian Angel on Call to keep you safe and make your life easier.

Need a tow-truck, you can track and trust? You’d be able to request one, view the driver details and track their progress. And to help you get to that meeting on time, we’d even arrange a lift for you. These are among the host of benefits that would be at your fingertips, all through the 1st for Women app.

All you’d need to do is download and register on the 1st for Women app, which includes a built-in mobile crash detector that will pick up if you’ve been in a serious accident and send emergency medical assistance – whether you can contact them or not. So had you been knocked unconscious or suffered any other injury when you hit that street pole, help would be on its way. And the best part of all is that you can share all that Guardian Angel on Call has to offer with your regular drivers and up to five of your loved ones.

So while we can’t stop potholes from crossing your path or prevent accidents from happening, we can give you Guardian Angel on Call to keep you safe and sound.

Brought to you by 1st for Women

All it takes is one app to have safety, convenience and peace of mind at your fingertips. When you get comprehensive car insurance from 1st for Women, you’ll get the Guardian Angel on Call benefit standard on our app.

Guardian Angel on Call starts working from the minute you start driving. So if you needed a tow truck, following an accident or breakdown, you could request one at the tap of the app. And if an accident resulted in you needing emergency medical assistance, an ambulance would be sent directly to your location – whether you contact us or not. In addition to this Guardian Angel on Call offers a host of other benefits including: a Guardian Angel to wait with you if you feel unsafe; arranging a lift to get you where you need to go as well as provision of a roadside assistance provider, that you can track, to your exact location if your vehicle is out of fuel, has a flat battery, or a flat tyre – all through the 1st for Women app.

Simply download and register on the 1st for Women app, input your details (such as your medical aid information and any conditions or allergies you have) and allow the app to access your location. Then share the app with your regular drivers and five loved ones, so that they too can use the Guardian Angel on Call benefit. It’s as easy as that.

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