Motoring Correspondent
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27 Sep 2018
11:54 am

Hijacks: don’t try and fight

Motoring Correspondent

The best way to handle a hijacking is to know what to do.

Photo: iStock. For illustrative purposes.

A mother was recently in the news when she refused to get out of her car when hijackers were pounding on the window and then reversed into their vehicle before they fled.

The mother was hailed as a hero as have been many other drivers who have taken on hijackers and gotten away with it.

What is not shared as often, is people who did the same thing but lost their lives in the process. When the recent crime statistics were released, vigilante justice was in the top three in Gauteng.

Eugene Herbert, managing director of MasterDrive, says taking on a hijacker, however, is an incredibly dangerous action. “Sharing selected stories of victory, gives people a false sense of confidence.

While we cannot say why the hijackers did not shoot the mother and her daughter through the window, we can be sure that there are many other hijackers who will not hesitate to do so,” said Herbert.

“It is known that many hijackers are in all probability under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol so their actions may not be predictable.”

The best way to handle a hijacking is to know what to do.

“This really boils down to how we engage in everyday activities which involve being aware of what is going on around us at all times as this will, in all likelihood, accomplish one or possibly even two objectives.”

Of course, no one can guarantee they will never be a victim.

“Consequently, it is worth noting that while we can never know what our reaction will be in this situation, knowledge of how a scenario can play out does empower us. Hijack management training prepares you for what to expect. It provides information on where most occur – homes and intersections – and we can model our driving behaviour to deal proactively with potential problems if we encounter them.”

Ultimately, follow your gut but remember most hijackers are after the vehicle and gear themselves to taking it.

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