Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
8 minute read
2 Oct 2019
9:11 am

Peugeot on the comeback prowl with model and operations re-launch

Charl Bosch

The complete re-launch of the Peugeot brand under the “Push to Pass” initiative

It might hold the distinction of being one of the oldest automobile marques in the world having produced its first car in 1889, seventy-nine years after starting out making, among others, coffee mills, pepper grinders and of course bicycles, a certain level of sneering still exists about Peugeot in South Africa. While the automaker can trace its local routes back to 1902, its legendary status, spearheaded by models such as the 203, the immortal 404 and the 504, all but vanished when the decision was made to withdraw from South Africa in 1985 in protest against Apartheid. A return ten...