Charl Bosch
Online Motoring Reporter
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11 Oct 2019
3:13 pm

Lamborghini keen on reviving ‘Estoque’ to storm Taycan

Charl Bosch

Lamborghini considering entering the four-door super segment with a Porsche Taycan rival

Lamborghini is reportedly considering entering the four-door super car segment by 2025 with an all-electric sedan to rival the Porsche Taycan.

According to Britain’s Autocar, Sant’Agata’s fourth mainstream model after the Huracan, Aventador and Urus could breathe new life into the Estoque concept that was cancelled 11 years ago, but without a V10 or V12 motor up front as ordinarily expected.

“If you look at the timing for a fourth model line, there is the potential that this will be the right time for a full-electric vehicle.  We must be fast but not quite in the same way as we need to be in our super-sports cars. A fourth model line will be something a little bit different,” Research and Development Head Maurizio Reggiani told the publication.

Based on the publication’s claims, the newcomer, which could feature a 2+2 layout, will have a likely range of at least 350 miles or 563 km on a single charge to quality it as a grand tourer, and accelerate from 0-100 km/h in under three seconds. Along with the electric powertrain, speculation is that the sedan could potentially also use the mild-hybrid 6.5-litre V12 from the Sián, although this remains nothing but a rumour at present.

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