Jaco Van Der Merwe
Head of Motoring
3 minute read
18 Oct 2019
8:48 am

New Audi Q3 takes a big step forward

Jaco Van Der Merwe

Q3 is a big step forward from the outgoing model

Car manufacturers love to wax lyrical when introducing new models. “New and improved”, “better than before” and “the most technologically advanced ever” regularly feature in the description of new models. In all fairness, why would anyone bring out an upgraded model that’s not better than its predecessor? Who would buy a product of which the pay-off line is: “not all that advanced”, “outdated design” or even “completely technologically hampered”? Yet quite ironically, sometimes a model’s rather insignificant mid-life update has the spin doctors concocting pages and pages of incoherent paragraphs. Not so with the new Audi Q3. The premium brand...