Andre De Kock
Motorsport Editor
4 minute read
16 Jan 2020
9:11 am

Mini Cooper S Clubman a fast and (somewhat) practical statement

Andre De Kock

What came as a delightful surprise was the test vehicle’s overall “feel”.

Experts say the world’s best actors can be found at the Oscars. They are, of course, wrong. The best actors are soccer players. When an opponent as much as glares at one of the Beautiful Game’s glass dolls, he falls down and renders a brilliant version of the death scene from Romeo and Juliet. Also, American wrestlers. They kick one another in the face, dive on opponents from huge heights, shoulder charge adversaries at frightening velocities and break furniture over one another’s heads. All, amazingly, without shedding a drop of blood – blood does not look good on television. Finally,...