Jaco Van Der Merwe
Head of Motoring
4 minute read
11 Mar 2020
9:14 am

Volkswagen Amarok emerges with more attitude from the valley

Jaco Van Der Merwe

It is very ambitious off the line and works seamlessly through the gears with such subtle engine noise.

It seems like just yesterday the local bakkie community was eagerly anticipating the arrival of Volkswagen’s much-hyped venture into the segment. Well this year already marks the Amarok’s 10th anniversary in South Africa and judging by Volkswagen’s plans, the model’s first generation is far from stepping aside for a fresher design just yet. The German manufacturer released two specials editions last year, the Dark Label and the Canyon, while big plans for 2020 centre around the launch of the 190kW V6 version in the third quarter. ‘’There is a certain longevity to the Amarok. Something clearly indicated by the recent...