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15 May 2020
7:24 am

Nowhere to hide in your house? Try your car

Motoring Reporter

Almost a third of motorists in Wales admit they miss singing along to their favourite songs while driving.

3% of motorists in the UK has admitted to take a nap in their cars during lockdown. Picture: iStock

While very little travelling is allowed during lockdown, motorists are not neglecting their cars. In fact, research in the United Kingdom is anything to go by, cars have given many people much-needed solace during the ongoing ''house arrest''. A survey involving 2 000 drivers conducted by Czech carmaker Skoda determined that over a million motorists have retreated to their parked cars to get some time alone away from their families. In London, 23% of motorists admitted to have used their stationary vehicles as an escape route in some way or the other. With 39% of UK motorists currently working from...