Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
2 minute read
11 Jul 2020
7:36 am

Own an iconic Toyota Tazz from R60k

Mark Jones

Owners would often refer to their cars as a TT, with the joke being that many thought they were referring to the sporty Audi.

One thing is for sure, we South Africans know how to make a plan. Volkswagen did it with the CitiGolf, Ford did it with the Tracer and Mazda with the Midge. These manufacturers all let an outgoing model continue to run on, but as a rebadged new car. They were massive hits as they were dependable, easy to maintain and they came in at the right price. This formula is still used today by the likes of Volkswagen with its Polo Vivo and Toyota with its Corolla Quest. Talking of Toyota, they had a model called the Conquest, which was...