Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
3 minute read
28 Jul 2020
7:23 am

BMW X5 and X6 M have every ounce of the Competition spirit

Mark Jones

Depending on your mood, the road in front of you and how much fuel you want to blast through, these two X M offerings have something for you.

We might be some tiny unknown country down on the tip of Africa. We are believed to live in mud huts and have wild animals roaming our streets, but one thing us South Africans love are BMW M cars. So much so that we were the third-biggest M market in terms of overall sales in the world in 2019. No matter the state of the economy, no matter where in the world, those who have money, and lots of it, generally can afford the best. But I am not a political reporter, I drive and tell you about cars, and...