Jaco Van Der Merwe
Head of Motoring
4 minute read
11 Aug 2020
7:19 am

Look ma, no engine! Off-roading made easy in the Land Rover Discovery Sport

Jaco Van Der Merwe

Fascinating technology allows you to see right through the bonnet of this compact SUV from Land Rover.

For hard-core off-roaders, the first rule when navigating your way over seriously rough terrain is to walk every obstacle first. This way you not only eliminate any nasty surprises on the other side of a ridge or going through a slippery ditch, but have a much better view of the line needed for the optimal entry and departure angles. But now Land Rover has thrown a spanner into the traditional puristic approach of getting your shoes dirty by virtue of equipping the new Discovery Sport with what they call ClearSight Ground View. This is a projected image created from cameras...