Andre De Kock
Motorsport Editor
4 minute read
26 Sep 2020
9:03 am

Hyundai Venue puts on a sexy dress

Andre De Kock

Hyundai's baby SUV more desirable through some clever cosmetics.

What a difference a few bells and whistles can make.

Aah, young love… This writer, being in the last 20% of my life, has many fond memories of girls foolish enough to regard me with affection through the last five decades or so. One that still stands out is Riana, who floated into and out of my life when, many, many years ago, I was strong and beautiful. She had this special quality – when she walked in, the whole room would light up. Today, that would come in very handy during load-shedding. But, at the time, Eskom actually worked, so Riana's light-up qualities were largely overlooked. Even so, I...