Mark Jones
Road Test Editor
3 minute read
2 Dec 2020
7:08 am

BMW M2 CS: Why your money can’t buy this car

Mark Jones

Only 30 people will be lucky - and rich enough - to get their hands on one.

The ultimate driving machine?

They say money can't buy you happiness. What it also can't buy you is the new BMW M2 CS. For now, if you are not on the exclusive invitation list to bid for one, no amount of money will get you in the front door to owning one. Let me explain. Although in the rest of the world, the M2 CS is not a limited edition car, the clever marketing people at BMW SA decided to only bring 30 of the cars to the country, number them, and thus make them exclusive and somewhat more desirable than normal. Three-hundred-and-ninety-three customers...