2 minute read
24 Aug 2013
12:00 pm

Share your MINI ‘not normal’ moments

Normal. Who wants to be that? Normal is typical. It's average. Normal is boring. Normal is drab.

Every day is an opportunity to be normal. To queue for a treadmill at gym. To hit the snooze button. To prepare a sensible meal.

MINI and its brand ambassadors are not normal. This is the mindset that has guided the design and ethos of the MINI brand for over 50 years. It’s the hardnosed philosophy that connects it to the people who drive MINI today.

In a world where so many are clambering to simply fit in, MINI extends an open invitation to those who can’t help but fit out. Five days of leisure in a MINI themed room located at the Klaus K Hotel, in Finland, are available to anyone daring enough to capture their very own not normal moment and share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Why Helsinki? Phonetically, Helsinki is fun to pronounce.

It is a city where women outnumber men and rabbits outnumber human beings. Established almost 500 years ago which makes this bustling metropolis much older than South Africa, Helsinki is dotted with historical landmarks and a 12-seat mobile karaoke taxi. Who could ask for more?

Need a little inspiration? Enter Goldfish.

MINI wants to revel in your not normal moments to share the feeling of joy as you break the shackles of a mundane society that expects you to fit in, to grow up and to join the herd.

The prize also includes return flights from anywhere in South Africa, visa costs, spending money and a MINI Countryman to drive during your stay. Using the #MyMININotNormal hashtag on Twitter, South African fans and followers of the brand are encouraged to take part in this exciting promotion which started at the beginning of August.

All entries must include the sentence ‘I’ve entered the #MyMININotNormalCompetition’ and include a link to the special moment.

Participants on Facebook are encouraged to set their image to ‘Public’.

To find out more visit the website www.mini.co.za